Aquaculture in British Columbia

News and Highlights

Important information on the renewal of shellfish aquaculture licences
February 2016

Regulating and Monitoring British Columbia’s Marine Finfish Aquaculture Facilities 2011–2014 (report)
July 2015

New Aquaculture Licensing in British Columbia to Improve Business Planning and Encourage Investments in Sustainable Practices
February 16, 2015

Piscine Reo-virus (PRV)

B.C. Aquaculture Industry Under Federal Regulation: Three Years in Review
February 2014

Video: Aquaculture Management in B.C.
March 2013

Aquaculture in British Columbia (brochure)

Aquaculture management bannerFisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is responsible for most aspects of the aquaculture industry in BC, including licensing sites, production volumes, species to be produced, fish health, sea lice levels, fish containment and waste control.

The Province of BC continues to issue tenures where operations take place in either the marine or freshwater environment, license marine plant cultivation, and manage business aspects of aquaculture such as work place health and safety within the province.

DFO is committed to being open and transparent in its regulation and management of aquaculture in BC

There will also be various opportunities for public engagement and consultation in regards to issues related to aquaculture in B.C. An advisory process to support public consultations is currently in development. Information will be posted to Aquaculture Consultations as it becomes available.

More information about the Aquaculture Program in BC.