Freshwater/land-based aquaculture licence under the Fisheries Act - Appendix VI: Escape notification form

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Please report all escapes upon discovery

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File numbers

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Report of escape incident

  • Suspected escape (date/ time):
  • Species of finfish:
  • Date Stocked:
  • Estimated number of escaped fish:
  • Average weight of escaped fish:
  • Name of facility where fish were produced:

List any therapeutants (still within the prescribed withdrawal period) administered to these finfish:

  • Name of drug(s):
  • Period of administration, including dates of commencement and completion of drug treatment:
  • Name of prescribing veterinarian:
  • The prescribed withdrawal period:
  • Identification of the groups/pen #s of finfish treated:

Description of event

Describe in detail the cause or suspected cause of incident:


Describe in detail measures that will be implemented to prevent future incidents:


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