Freshwater/land-based aquaculture licence under the Fisheries Act - Part A. Definitions

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means a written declaration made by a qualified individual who bears witness to, confirms or authenticates;
"Containment structures"
means net pens, bag cages, tanks and similar structures used to contain finfish for the purposes of aquaculture;
"Containment structure array"
means a group of containment structures physically attached to each other, or in the case of circular structures, up to a maximum of 60 m apart;
means Fisheries and Oceans Canada;
means an abnormality of form or function and can be caused by a suite of infectious, noninfectious and inherent factors. Specifically:
"Evidence of escape"
includes, but is not limited to, any visual or physical evidence that demonstrates a release of fish from the facility, including a significant decline in feed demand that is not otherwise explained or inventory discrepancies that are not otherwise explained;
means the collective structures used for the purposes of aquaculture, including but not limited to, net pens, walkways, barges, floats and living accommodations plus associated lines and anchors;
means fish of the class Osteichthyes;
"Fish Health Event (FHE)"
means a suspected or active disease occurrence within an aquaculture facility that requires the involvement of a veterinarian and any measure that is intended to reduce or mitigate impact and risk that is associated with that occurrence or event;
"Fish health staff"
means the designated personnel, with veterinary oversight, responsible for: identifying, managing, and minimizing the impact of risk factors; making health-related decisions; and routine monitoring of health, lice and disease parameters;
means the rearing of juvenile fish to market size;
means removal of live fish for market;
"Introductions and Transfers Committee”"
means any wild fish from within the facility caught during harvest, movement of fish between or within facilities, or net removal;
"Licence holder"
means the Federal-Provincial joint committee responsible for accepting and reviewing applications for the introduction and transfer of fish and providing recommendations regarding issuance of the associated licence;
means fish that have died within the containment structure array during a production cycle but does not include cultivated fish killed during harvest activities;
"Mortality event"
  1. Fish mortalities with losses exceeding 4% of the current facility inventory within a 24-hour period; or
  2. Fish mortalities exceeding a 4% cumulative loss within a 4-day period;
"Qualified individual"
means an individual employed by or contracted by an aquaculture company, who possesses a combination of knowledge, expertise and experience necessary to complete the task and who can provide an attestation to the integrity of new or amended facilities;
means a physical barrier to the passage of the smallest fish in containment while still allowing water to flow. Weirs or stop-logs are not considered screens for the purpose of this licence;
means a group of fish from one production cycle that are defined by the system of origin, species, and run timing;
"Tonnes (t)"
means 1000 kg;
means the movement of live fish to or from a licensed facility or hatchery;
means a veterinarian licensed in the Province of BC.