Appendix X marine mammal interaction management plan

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Date of Submission

The Marine Mammal Interaction Management Plan is intended to describe policies, procedures, infrastructure, and other measures aimed at mitigating conflict with marine mammals at marine finfish aquaculture facilities including those resulting from entanglements and where lethal control methods are required. The following document is to be completed for each site and must include completed entries for each of the sections listed. Licence holders may submit a plan for multiple facilities provided mitigation measures are identical for all those facilities. The list of these facilities should be provided on the first page of the plan.


  1. Mitigation
    1. Infrastructure
      1. Anti-Predator Nets, type, height, depth, location, etc (Diagram)
        1. Mesh size, material
        2. Maintenance schedule
          1. Inspection
          2. Repair
      2. Perimeter Fencing
        1. Type and distribution
        2. Maintenance Schedule
          1. Inspection
          2. Repair
    2. Non-Lethal Deterrents
      1. Approved devices
        1. Procedures
        2. Staff Training
    3. Interaction Recording Standard Operating Procedures
      1. Templates/Forms
        1. Procedures
        2. Staff Training
      2. Photos/Video
        1. Procedures
        2. Staff Training
  2. Lethal Control
    1. Company/Site Policy and Standard Operating Procedures
      1. Procedure
        1. Detailed Circumstances
      2. Qualified Personnel
        1. Qualification Process
          1. Training/testing/Marine Mammal Identification
          2. Ongoing Training
        2. Credentials and Personal Identification Information
          1. Identification Procedures
          2. Credential Verification Procedures
          3. Contact Information
  3. Site Specific Recommendations
    1. Company Policy
    2. Site Policy