Marine finfish aquaculture licence under the Fisheries Act - Appendix XIII Annual aquaculture statistical report

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Reporting Year: AQUIIS

Licence Type: AQUIIS

Facility Number: AQUIIS

Landfile Number: AQUIIS

Licence Holder Name: AQUIIS


In British Columbia, Fisheries and Oceans Canada is the lead authority responsible for regulating the aquaculture industry. Production statistics collected through this form may be used for analytical and operational purposes and will be shared with other government partners for statistical use. These organizations agree to take appropriate steps to protect all sensitive personal and commercial information, and to release data only in aggregated form. In compliance with licences issued under the Pacific Aquaculture Regulations, all aquaculture licence holders are required to complete the Annual Aquaculture Statistical Report (AASR) under Section 61 of the Federal Fisheries Act.

The completed forms for each calendar year are due no later than January 25 of the following year.

Instructions for Completing the AASR

Section 1 - Harvest for food market sales

Were any fish or shellfish sold for Food Market Sales?

Species (provide full common or latin name) Weight (kg) Quantity (For Shellfish Only) Quantity Unit of Measure (For Shellfish use Lbs, Dozens or Gallons) Value ($) Product Type (Round, Live, Fresh Dressed Head On, Fresh Dressed Head Off, Frozen Dressed Head On, Frozen Dressed Head Off, Fresh Fillets, Frozen Fillets, or Other (specify))

Section 2 – “U-Catch-Em” sales

Note: Section 2 only applies to Freshwater/Landbased facilities

Were there any U-Catch-Em Sales?

Species (provide full common or latin name) Average Length (cm) Total Number Total Weight (kg) Total Value ($)

Section 3 – Processing information

Were any fish or shellfish processed?

Who processed your fish or shellfish?

Section 4 – Sales for restocking or ongrowing purposes

Note: Include sales only – not purchases or acquisitions

Were any fish or shellfish sold for Food Market Sales?

Species (provide full common or latin name) Life Stage (Eggs, Fry/Fingerlings, Juveniles/Smolts, Adults or Seed, Larvae) Cultch Type (Shellfish Only) Number Sold in BC (not exported) Number exported Total Value ($)

Section 5 – In-zone introductions & transfer information

Note: Section 5 only applies to Freshwater/Land Based and Shellfish facilities.

Did you stock your site during the reporting year from an in-zone source?

In-Zone Introductions & Transfers Information

Complete this section if you answered “Yes” to Section 5.

Complete the table below if you answered Yes to question Section 5 AND the transfer(s) did not require a separate Introductions & Transfers Licence. Otherwise, check “Not Applicable” in the space above.

Examples for Shellfish include: Initial stocking of a site(s) with shellfish seed from a within-zone hatchery

Examples for Freshwater/Land-based include: Introduction of fish, for land-based, U-catch and other FW facilities, from a within-zone source.

Provide one line per species (i.e. all transfer data for each species should be aggregated and reported on a single line)

Species Brought on Site Source (provide aquaculture facility reference number or commercial licence number) Total Number of Fish Transferred Total Number of Transfers

Section 6 – Subtidal on-bottom shellfish seeding

Note: Subtidal refers to culture activities occurring on the bottom, below low tide.

Did you conduct subtidal shellfish seeding for any species this year?

Subtidal Shellfish (on/in bottom) Seeding Activities

Complete this section if you answered “Yes” to Section 6.

  • 6a. If you purchased geoduck (Panopea generosa) and/or horseclam (Tresus) seed this year, attach your proof of purchase. If submitting electronically, ensure that an electronic copy of your proof of purchase is attached.
  • 6b. List all species that you seeded subtidally during the reporting year:

Species Total Area Seeded (m2) Month Seeding Activities Commenced

Section 7 – Stock on hand and future plans

Note: Section 7 only applies to Freshwater/Land Based and Shellfish facilities.

Will this site be actively culturing during the next reporting year?

If this site had any stock on hand as of December 31, list all species:

Section 8 – Declaration

Declaration: I have read all information contained on this report and it is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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