Licence to conduct Salmonid Enhancement Activities - Appendix II : Monitoring fish health, disease, and mortality

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Use of therapeutants

Records of the use of therapeutants shall include the following:

Records of vaccines shall include the following:

Major mortality event – Accidental losses and/or intentional destruction reporting

A. Accidental mortality

In the event of an accidental large scale loss at any life-stage, it is mandatory that the facility operator report the event to the Fish Health Veterinarian within 24 hours to discuss event management, mitigation, and appropriate disposal of mortalities. Under these circumstances, use the “Major Mortality Event – Accidental Mortality Summary” report and submit it electronically to the Veterinarian and your Support Biologist.

This requirement is a condition of the Pacific Aquaculture Regulations.

B. Intentional destruction

Under certain circumstances (e.g. disease outbreak, excessive to production target inventory), facilities may be required to intentionally destroy a significant number of eggs/fish. Facility operators are required to complete and submit, electronically, the “Major Mortality Event – Intentional Destruction Summary” report to the Veterinarian and your Support Biologist.

The Major Mortality Event reporting forms are available in the following location: