Licence to conduct Salmonid Enhancement Activities - Appendix V : Licence conditions for net pens operated by enhancement facilities

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1. Containment structures and net pen support systems

1.1 Equipment used at the net pens shall meet generally accepted standards prevalent in the aquaculture industry.

1.2 Navigation marker buoys shall be deployed as required by Transport Canada.

1.3 Signage to prevent damage by boats to the net pens shall be in place.

1.4 After fish are released, nets must be removed from the water, washed, repaired and stored.

1.5 Net washing must be done on land where the activity does not damage fish habitat or shed fish pathogens and deleterious substances into fish habitat.

2. Predator control

2.1 Net pens shall be installed and maintained such that the upper edges are secured high enough out of the water to prevent mammalian predators such as seals or otters from coming in over the top edge.

2.2 Avian predator nets (bird netting) should be stretched over the net pens to prevent fish from being taken by birds.

3. Fish health

3.1 Fish must be given the care and attention consistent with their biological requirements.

3.2 Mortalities must be collected on a regular basis and disposed off in a manner that does not impact the health of other fish.

During net pen rearing, water quality in the area of the net pens must be monitored regularly to ensure that conditions meet the biological requirements of the fish being reared.