Licence to conduct Salmonid Enhancement Activities - Part A. Definitions

This webpage is intended for informational purposes only.
"Containment Structures"
are structures used to contain finfish for the purposes of aquaculture.
"Community Advisor (CA)"
means a DFO representative who is authorized to provide direction and technical support to community enhancement facilities.
means the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).
"Enhancement Facility"
means an aquaculture facility under the direction of DFO, culturing Pacific salmon for the purpose of increasing their freshwater survival before their intentional release into fish habitat.
"Fish Health Veterinarian (FHV)"
means a veterinarian licensed in the Province of BC, on staff with the Department for the care of fish in aquaculture facilities.
"Major Mortality Event"
means a significant number of fish mortalities caused by disease, life support failure, or through intentional destruction.
"Regional Production Plan"
means production targets of the Enhancement facility that have been developed through the Salmonid Enhancement Program integrated production planning process and approved by the Regional Director of the Ecosystem Management Branch.
means a group of fish from one production cycle that are defined by the system of origin, species and run timing.