Shellfish aquaculture licence under the Fisheries Act - Appendix II: Standard infrastructure

This webpage is intended for informational purposes only.

The following infrastructure types are considered to be standard infrastructure in their respective culture areas, provided that the following sensitive habitats are avoided: intertidal stream channels, eelgrass beds (Zostera sp.), fish spawning areas, Species at Risk Act listed species (Endangered species, Threatened and Species of Special Concern), residences or critical habitats, salt marsh, rocky reefs, kelp beds, glass sponge (Hexactinellidae) and/or coral complexes:




If changes are made to standard infrastructure, notify the Department by email at: and to update your Management Plan.

Non Standard Infrastructure:

The use of any of these infrastructures in an area not outlined above, the use of any other infrastructure, or the use of any infrastructures in sensitive habitats must be approved by the Department in the form of a Pacific Shellfish Aquaculture Application, prior to installation.