Shellfish aquaculture licence under the Fisheries Act - Appendix III: Introductions and transfers

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Shellfish transfer zones

Figure 1 shows the five zones established for shellfish introductions and transfers in BC. These zones are generally delineated based on definable oceanographic and ecographic discrete areas (e.g. oceanic vs. inside waters). Consideration is also given to historical movements of shellfish in the aquaculture and commercial fisheries sectors for trade and commerce

The terms of a General Shellfish Transfer Licence (GSTL) specify the conditions under which licence holders may move shellstock within and between zones.

Only licensed shellfish growers will be free to move stock between licensed shellfish growing facilities within the same zone under the conditions of their Shellfish Aquaculture Licence as long as the receiving facilities are licensed for the species to be transferred (some exceptions apply).

Additional information and guidance on transfers of shellfish can be found at or by contacting and

Map: Shellfish Transfer Zones, showing the transfer zones of
		Zone 1 - Haida Gwaii, Zone 2 - North and Central Coast, Zone 3 - Queen Charlotte Strait, Zone 4 - Georgia Strait, and Zone 5 - West Coast Vancouver Island
Figure 1. Map of Shellfish Transfer Zones