Fish stocking aquaculture licence under the Fisheries Act - Part A. Definitions

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"Containment structures"
are structures used to contain finfish for the purposes of aquaculture;
means the Department of Fisheries and Oceans;
"Evidence of escape"
includes cultivated fish that have not been released intentionally observed leaving the facility or observed outside the facility, or a significant decline in feed demand that is not otherwise explained, or inventory discrepancies that are not otherwise explained.
means the collective structures for the purposes of aquaculture including, but not limited to, buildings, tanks, raceways, ponds, settling ponds, wells and screens;
"Facility Production Plan"
means the facility production targets;
"Fish Health Event (FHE)"
means an active disease occurrence or a suspected infectious event on a farm that triggers an action, such as: lab work-up, recommendation/report, husbandry change, veterinary diagnosis or prescription medication, further investigation, etc. where such action is intended to reduce or mitigate impact and risk associated with that occurrence or event. FHEs do not include routine fish health sampling, surveillance or growth measurement activities;
"Health Management Plan (HMP)"
means a facility specific plan to manage fish health;
"Fish Health Veterinarian (FHV)"
means a veterinarian licensed in the Province of BC, on staff or on contract for the care of fish in aquaculture facility;
mean finfish that have died in the facility but does not include mortalities associated with harvest activities. Mortalities do not include eggs or larvae;
"Mortality event"
means fish mortalities with losses exceeding 1% per day for a four day consecutive period.
"Management plan"
means a facility-specific description of the infrastructure and mode of operation for each cultivated species and location specified on the face of the licence;
means a group of fish from one production cycle that are defined by the system of origin, species and run timing;
means the intentional transfer of cultivated fish to Canadian fisheries waters