Fish stocking aquaculture licence under the Fisheries Act

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Licensed for: Aquaculture

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This licence is issued under the authority of the Fisheries Act and confers, subject to provisions of the Fisheries Act and Regulations made there under, the authority to carry out aquaculture activities including cultivation and harvest of fish and prescribed activities under the conditions included herein and/or attached hereto.

It is the responsibility of the licence holder to obtain all other forms of authorization from federal or provincial agencies that may have jurisdiction for marine finfish aquaculture facilities. As well, it is the licence holder's responsibility to be informed of, and comply with, the Fisheries Act and the regulations made there under, in addition to these conditions.

A copy of this licence shall be kept on site at the licensed facility and be available for inspection by a fishery officer or fishery guardian.

The above licence holder is authorized by this licence to carry out aquaculture activities at the following location and for the following species:

Facility Reference Number Location and Legal Description
Licensed Species:
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  3. «SPECIES_3»
  4. «SPECIES_4»
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  7. «SPECIES_7»
Site specific conditions:

Required Record Keeping and Reporting: Details are contained within the attached conditions of this licence.

Compliance Advisory: No person carrying out any activity under the authority of this licence must contravene or fail to comply with any condition of this licence.

This licence includes further conditions that are included herein and/or attached hereto. These conditions form part of the licence and may not be removed.