Freshwater Aquaculture Licensing in BC

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is responsible for licensing all aquaculture facilities in B.C. The aquaculture licence and conditions of licence are designed to ensure the sustainable operation and development of freshwater aquaculture.

The following list will be updated regularly to reflect changes in licence status:

Reference Notes:

  • Region: In the case of freshwater facilities, the Site Common Name may contain the address of the facility. For this list, in order to protect personal/proprietary information, only the Region is identified.
  • Facility Type: Hatcheries raise juvenile fish from eggs. Once the fish reach a certain size they are moved to a grow-out facility, where they are allowed to grow until they reach the desired size for harvesting.
  • Land or Water-based: Freshwater aquaculture operations may be conducted either on land or in a body of water, depending on the species being cultivated. For example, rainbow trout prefer cold-water conditions, and can be raised in dug-outs, ponds or net-cages suspended in lakes. Fish that prefer a warm-water environment, such as tilapia, thrive in land-based re-circulating tank systems which allow operators to carefully control temperature and water quality.

DFO Contact

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