Pacific Region Marine Finfish Integrated Management of Aquaculture Plan

4. Evaluation of performance

4.1 Public reporting

DFO has committed to an open and transparent approach to the management of aquaculture in British Columbia. In part, the Department works to achieve this objective through the regular release of information reported by the aquaculture industry and data gathered through DFO’s own environmental monitoring and fish health programs.

Providing access to relevant and transparent information is an important component of aquaculture management in British Columbia. Conditions of Licence for marine finfish aquaculture require licence holders to submit a number of reports on a regular basis which relate to ongoing facility operations. Information contained in many of these reports is released publicly by DFO through its aquaculture public reporting website. Public reports on aquaculture in British Columbia are available on the DFO website:

The following types of information are made publicly available:

DFO will continue to improve the transparency, timeliness and utility of the data which are regularly made publically available on its website. Through ongoing engagement with First Nations and key stakeholders, DFO will continue to work to identify information of interest and to improve overall public reporting related to aquaculture management in the Pacific Region.

A summary report of recent data: Regulating and Monitoring British Columbia’s Marine Finfish Aquaculture Facilities 2011–2014 is available online:

4.2 Evaluation of performance

DFO is committed to a process of adaptive and continuous improvement in the management of marine finfish aquaculture. The MF-IMAP sets out general direction and guidance with respect to management objectives, measures, and public reporting/industry performance. The management of aquaculture in British Columbia supports the Government of Canada’s broader objective of ensuring the sustainability of the aquaculture industry in Canada.

As the marine finfish aquaculture management framework continues to develop, information gained through reporting required by the Conditions of Licence, information compiled from the Aquaculture Annual Statistics Report, along with DFO collected data, will be used to assist in ongoing reviews of both the performance of marine finfish industry and the marine finfish management framework.