Pacific Region Marine Finfish Integrated Management of Aquaculture Plan


The purpose of the marine finfish Integrated Management of Aquaculture Plan (MF-IMAP) is to identify the main objectives and requirements for the management of marine finfish aquaculture in British Columbia, as well as the measures used to meet these objectives. This document provides federal and provincial agencies, local government, industry, First Nations, stakeholders and the public with an overview of marine finfish aquaculture operations in British Columbia and how the industry is managed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

The MF-IMAP will be reviewed periodically to incorporate changes in the management approach and to ensure that it includes the most current information available in relation to science, policy and management practices.

The MF-IMAP is not a legally binding instrument which can form the basis of a legal challenge. The MF-IMAP can be modified at any time and does not fetter the discretionary powers of the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans as set out in the Fisheries Act, Species at Risk Act, and the Oceans Act; as well as the Fishery (General) Regulations, the Aquaculture Activity Regulations, or the Pacific Aquaculture Regulations. The Minister can, for reasons of conservation or for any other valid reasons, at any time modify any provision of the MF-IMAP in accordance with the powers granted pursuant to the Fisheries Act, the Oceans Act, or the Species at Risk Act and supporting regulations.

Where Fisheries and Oceans Canada is responsible for implementing obligations under land claim agreements, the MF-IMAP will be implemented in a manner consistent with these obligations. In the event that an MF-IMAP is inconsistent with obligations under land claims agreements, the provisions of the land claims agreements will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

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Departmental contacts

Aquaculture resource management

Regional Manager March Klaver 250-754-0334
Senior Aquaculture Management Coordinator - IMAPs Brenda McCorquodale 250-949-6434
Senior Aquaculture Management Coordinator - Marine Finfish Bernie Taekema 250-754-0398
Senior Aquaculture Management Coordinator - First Nations Todd Johansson 250-902-2683

Aquaculture environmental operations

Regional Manager Adrienne Paylor 250-286-5817
A/Fish Health Lead Veterinarian Dr. Sonja Saksida 250-703-0901
Field Operations Veterinarian Dr. Ian Keith 250-703-0917
Senior Biologist – Marine Finfish Kerra Shaw 250-286-5831

Aquaculture programs

A/Regional Manager Lauren Lavigne 604-220-5278
Introductions and Transfers Coordinator Shane Petersen 604-666-5519

Aquaculture management division

Director Diana Trager 604-666-7009

Conservation and protection

Chief Staffing changes in progress 250-754-0367
Detachment Supervisor Staffing changes in progress 250-286-5816

Reporting violations observe, record and report (enforcement line)