Integrated Herring Harvest Planning Committee (IHHPC)

The IHHPC was established by the Department to promote a more stream-lined, representative, cross sectoral advisory process related to herring harvest planning, management, and post-season review. It is DFO's venue for cross-sectoral communication and advice on issues related to herring fisheries in the Pacific Region.

The goal of the IHHPC is to support the development of fishing plans that are coordinated and integrated, to identify potential conflicts, and to make recommendations for resolving disputes. The committee does not have an approval capacity, and does not deal with recommendations of food, social and ceremonial (FSC) harvest plans.

Representation on advisory bodies relates to the mandate and function of the committee. Participation in advisory processes has been designed to reflect a broad range of interests in fisheries and oceans issues in the Pacific Region, to the extent possible, so that a diversity of perspectives is involved. Membership in the IHHPC is comprised of representatives from the Spawn on Kelp sector, the Roe Herring sector, First Nations, the Marine Conservation Caucus (MCC), Sport Fishing Advisory Board (SFAB), Province of BC, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Selection of members to sector organizations should be open, fair, and democratic.

Integrated Herring Harvest Planning Committee (IHHPC) Meetings

Meeting materials are available upon request. Please contact the Species Coordinator listed below to receive copies.

Date Meeting Location Meeting Materials
Oct 6-7, 2016 Integrated Herring Harvest Planning Committee (IHHPC) Vancouver  
November 5-6, 2015 Integrated Herring Harvest Planning Committee (IHHPC)    
May 8, 2015 IHHPC Vancouver For further information please contact Corey Jackson
September 19, 2014 IHHPC Vancouver For further information please contact Lisa Mijacika
May 9, 2014 IHHPC Vancouver  
May 10, 2013 IHHPC Post-season TBD  
September 20-21, 2012 IHHPC Pre-season UBC Robson Square
800 Robson St.
Vancouver, BC
Room C100
May 11, 2012 IHHPC 401 Burrard 2nd Floor Meeting Rooms B&C  
September 22-23, 2011 IHHPC Pre-season planning SFU - Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver; 2nd Floor, RBC Dominion Securities Executive Meeting Room (2200)
May 5, 2011 IHHPC 401 Burrard Street, Vancouver; 2nd Floor, Boardrooms B and C Agenda

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