Tuna Advisory Board (TAB)

The Pacific Canadian fishery is focused on highly migratory albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) using troll gear. Canadian fishers have been fishing albacore since the mid-1930's in the north Pacific and since the 1980's in the south Pacific. The Canadian fishery started in the coastal waters off British Columbia (B.C.). It has now developed into a fishery with two fleet types, smaller vessels fishing coastal B.C. and USA waters, and larger vessels fishing on the high seas of the north and south Pacific Ocean.

TunaCatches since 1996 by the Canadian fleet in the north Pacific albacore troll fishery have ranged from 3,591 tonnes in 1996 to 7,842 tonnes in 2004, with an average catch of 4,547 tonnes. In recent years higher catch concentration is occurring along the North American coast and the offshore fleet has increased effort in the Northwest Pacific.

Public Consultations 2017- 2019 IFMP Albacore Tuna

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is soliciting comments regarding the 2017-2019 Integrated Fisheries Management Plan (IFMP) for Albacore Tuna

Your feedback is welcome as an important input into the development of this management plan.

This public consultation period is open from April 28, 2017 to May 28, 2017.

A copy of the draft management plan and your input or questions can be directed to the A/ Tuna Resource Manager:

Caroline Wells
T: (604) 666-2188

Tuna Advisory Board (TAB) Meetings

Meeting materials are available upon request. Please contact the Species Coordinator listed below to receive copies.

Date Meeting Location
January 26, 2017 TAB Coast Bastion Inn, Nanaimo
October 25, 2016 TAB Coast Bastion Inn, Nanaimo
June 13, 2016 TAB Conference Call
May 10, 2016 TAB Coast Bastion Inn, Nanaimo
February 1, 2016 TAB Chateau Victoria, Victoria
December 15, 2015 TAB Conference Call
February 8, 2015 TAB Chateau Victoria, Victoria
January 8, 2015 TAB Chateau Victoria, Victoria
October 17, 2014 TAB Conference Call
April 30, 2014 TAB Victoria
January 20, 2014 TAB Coast Bastion Inn, Nanaimo
May 15, 2013 TAB Executive House Hotel, Victoria, BC
February 11, 2013 TAB Nanaimo, BC
27-28, 2012
TAB pre-season planning Executive House Hotel, Victoria, BC
November 23, 2011 TAB Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel and Marina, Victoria, BC
February 2-3, 2011 TAB pre-season planning Coast Bastion Inn, Nanaimo

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A/ Resource Manager, Tuna/Sardine
Fisheries and Oceans Canada / Pacific Region