Fishery Monitoring and Catch Reporting Consultations

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The deadline for submitting comments on the draft Strategic Framework for Fishery Monitoring and Catch Reporting in the Pacific Fisheries was May 31, 2011.

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Fishing Vessels Barclay Sound August 1980Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) has developed a draft Strategic Framework for Fishery Monitoring and Catch Reporting in the Pacific Fisheries and would like your feedback. Monitoring and reporting programs currently vary considerably both within and between harvest sectors and specific fisheries. The framework is an approach to strengthen monitoring in all Pacific fisheries. Key components of the framework include the development of standardized criteria to determine the required level of monitoring and to assess which monitoring tools to use in each fishery.

At this stage, it is important for the public to learn more about the framework and to provide input. Your feedback will help to further finalize the draft framework document.

PICFI Consultations Workshops and Meetings

Meeting materials are available upon request. Please contact Michelle Li to receive copies.

Date Meeting Location
May 10, 2011 Seafood Producer’s Meeting Vancouver, Canadian Fishing Company
May 9, 2011 Forum on Conservation and Harvest Planning for Fraser Salmon Kamloops, Kamloops Convention Center
May 5, 2011 Integrated Herring Harvest Planning Committee DFO, Vancouver
April 29, 2011 Upper Fraser Fisheries Conservation Alliance Williams Inn, Williams Lake
April 5, 2011 Lower Fraser Fisheries Joint Access and Monitoring Workshop Chilliwack
March 10, 2011 Groundfish Integrated Advisory Board Meeting Vancouver Island Conference Center, Nanaimo
February 17, 2011 South Coast First Nations/Island Marine Aquatic Working Group Post Season Review and Pre-season Outlook Best Western Dorchester, Nanaimo
February 15, 2011 Sardine Integrated Advisory Board Best Western Dorchester, Nanaimo
February 5-6, 2011 Sport Fishing Advisory board Sheraton, Richmond
February 2, 2011 Tuna Advisory Board Meeting Coast Bastion, Nanaimo

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