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Small Craft Harbours

Pacific Regional Harbour Authority Advisory Committee (PRHAAC) Meeting

Draft Record of Discussion


Wednesday, June 8 - Thursday, June 9, 2011
Cypress Room, Coast Coal Harbour Hotel, 1180 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

PRHAAC Members:

Ben Mabberley, Whaler Bay HA
Bill Irvin, District of Ucluelet
Bob Baziuk, Steveston HA
Frank Mauro, HA of Pender Harbour
Hiltje Ramsay, Port McNeill HA
Liz McLeod, Comox HA
Lutz Budde, Oona River HA
Rick Hill, Port Edward HA

SCH Ex-Officio PRHAAC Members:

Ken Smith, Regional Director
Robin Richardson Regional Manager, Client Services
Kathy Denchfield, Program Operations Assistant


Rebecca Reid, Regional Director, Fisheries Management
Vahid Kahnamelli, Regional Engineer
Liane O’Grady, Budget/Strategic Planning Manager
Katie Rattan, Program Officer



Welcome, Adoption of Agenda and Review and Approval of Discussion from November, 2010 PRHAAC

  • New NHAAC members were introduced – Bill Irving, Municipal Councilor, District of Ucluelet and Frank Mauro, President, HA of Pender Harbour.
  • The Agenda and Record of Discussion from the November 4, 2010 meeting was reviewed and approved.

Action Items Update

K. Smith and R. Richardson reviewed and provided an update of the action items to the Committee.

Action Item #1: R. Richardson to liaise with the other regions and discuss fee costs and guidelines and report back to the PRHAAC.

NHAAC Debrief Discussion

  • K. Smith, B. Baziuk, B. Mabberley, L. Budde, and L. McLeod provided highlights of the NHAAC that took place in Vancouver in April, 2011 based on review of minutes (attached). Highlights of the subsequent discussion follow:
    • PRHAAC members were pleased that the NHAAC minutes included a summary of the national update that was provided by Micheline Leduc, Director General, SCH.
    • The group was also pleased with the commitment that a national SCH workplan / timetable and status report on the 22 SCOFO report recommendations would be presented at the next NHAAC in November 2011 given that Pacific issues are well represented in the report.
    • Regarding Communications item, members supported the plan to conduct a national economic study of harbours to help provide a tool for HAs to communicate the economic importance of the harbour in the community. It was discussed that Pacific would examine its future plans for updated economic studies once the national plan was confirmed. PRHAAC members confirmed that communication priorities for Pacific included improved engagement between SCH and HA Boards and integrated planning processes.
    • PRHAAC members expressed strong interest in confirming the national plan and process to review and possibly amend the Fishing and Recreational Harbours Act (FRHA) and Regulations.

Action Item #2: K. Smith to advise the PRHAAC members on the national plan for updating the FRHA and Regulations when available.

  • Due to the recent Federal election, an Industry Canada presentation on the new Not for Profit Act was deferred to the fall 2011 NHAAC. It was suggested that this topic be added to the next NHAAC agenda.

Action Item #3: R. Richardson to provide PRHAAC members with information regarding changes to the Canada Corporations Act when available.

Small Craft Harbours Update

  • The Regional Director, Ken Smith, provided updates on the following items:
    • New Minister of Fisheries & Oceans Canada – The Hon. Keith Ashfield is the new Minister of Fisheries & Oceans and Randy Kamp returns as Parliamentary Secretary. No information yet as to changes on the SCOFO committee.
    • 2011 Federal Budget- The Federal budget was tabled June 6, 2011. There is a new strategic and operating review that aims to achieve $11 billion in savings over the next four years across all government departments. Any specific measures will be announced in the 2012/13 budget. It is not known at this time if the SCH program will be impacted directly or indirectly.
    • EAP Close Out- It was reported that SCH, regionally and nationally, has been predominately focused on delivery of $200M of augmented repair projects the last 2 years. Although very positive, planning and communications with HA’s have been impacted along with other initiatives (e.g. response to SCOFO recommendations). HA’s were thanked for their patience, cooperation and support to EAP. Pacific and other regions must still complete some unfinished EAP projects this coming fiscal year and address close out requirements (e.g. project file documentation etc.). .
    • SCH Work Plan- A multi-year National SCH work plan is being developed along with work plans to guide efforts of the 3 national SCH functional committees. It was noted that SCH will need to address its longer-term infrastructure gap in the context of supporting economic prosperity and the future needs of the fishery. General priority areas were discussed including Sustainable Infrastructure, HA Sustainability, Organizational Stability and Strategic Policy and Program Integrity.
    • Contract Mechanisms Review- It was reported that a national review is well underway but there has been no decision regarding future mechanisms to support arrangement between SCH and HA’s. All members emphasized need to ensure a mechanism is made available on a national basis soon in order to not back track on years of successful capacity building. More information will follow when available.
  • Robin Richardson, the Regional Manager, SCH Client Services provided updates on the following items:
    • Canada Corporations Act Changes- As indicated at the NHAAC, the Industry Canada presentation was deferred to the Fall 2011 NHAAC. While the final impacts of the changes to the Canada Corporations Act to HAs are unknown at this time, potential impacts on HAs were discussed.
    • Transport Canada (TC) Derelict Vessel Study -No further information is available from TC. No information is likely until a Minister is appointed. SCH and HAABC continue to work on providing derelict vessel information to Transport Canada regional lead, Bob Gowe. SCH will advise the PRHAAC when information becomes available on the progress of the TC Derelict Vessel study.

Action Item #4: K. Smith to update the PRHAAC on the results of the Contract Mechanisms Review when available.

Action Item #5: R. Richardson to advise the PRHAAC on the progress of the Transport Canada Derelict Vessel Study when available.

Fisheries Management Update

  • Rebecca Reid, the Regional Director of Fisheries Management, provided a presentation on the Pacific Fisheries Management organization and priorities as part of efforts to improve integration between SCH and Fisheries Management. Useful discussion occurred on current and emerging linkages and areas of mutual interest. PRHAAC members and R Reid indicated that ongoing interactions between SCH and Fisheries Management would be valuable as part of advisory process.

Action Item #6: R. Richardson to distribute R. Reid’s presentation and information regarding the Fisheries Management Knowledge Capture Project to PRHAAC members.

Integrated Planning Process

  • K. Smith highlighted need to review and update planning processes within more current context which includes need to consider: improved priority setting with HA’s and within SCH given limited resources and growing national SCH infrastructure gap; increasing HA capacity and interest to plan and deliver projects; increasing leveraging of SCH investments with funding received by HA’s from other agencies; changing needs of fishery; and increasing importance of contributions to economic benefits etc. It was reported that SCH will also be impacted by new government-wide Investment Planning process which is in early stages of implementation within DFO. It was further noted that recent HA e-polling indicates a poor level of awareness of existing planning processes, roles and responsibilities etc.
  • It was confirmed that SCH would like to have review largely completed by late Fall with view that any changes, templates etc. could then be discussed and communicated to HA’s.
  • L. McLeod presented “Integrated Planning Process From an HA Perspective,” to the Committee to highlight some of the challenges from the HA perspective in the current planning process with SCH. Members agreed that presentation identified most key issues.
  • Successes and challenges of the current planning process and some suggestions to better integrate the planning process between SCH and HAs were discussed. Topics included need to confirm future templates, criteria for selection and emerging information needs, roles and responsibilities of all parties (e.g. who leads), sharing of SCH inspection results, linkages to Fisheries Management and future fishery needs, approval processes and timetables etc.
  • It was highlighted that requests to expand infrastructure from SCH funding would be difficult to support in future given existing infrastructure gap – strong cases would be required that clearly support future needs of fishery. Members indicated it would be helpful for SCH to communicate what they are prepared to consider and not consider along with expectations re: HA funded and delivered minor maintenance.
  • All parties confirmed that that the area of greatest challenge, complexity and opportunity pertained to larger scale, HA led, multi-party funded projects, often with an expansionary component
  • Interest was expressed in exploring a cyclical planning process (every 4-5 years) that would update multi-year plans for each harbour based on review of most recent cyclical SCH inspection and results of more rigorous engagement / consultation process between SCH, HA’s and other parties.

Action Item #7: SCH to present status of planning review for discussion at the next face-to-face PRHAAC meeting in the fall.

HAABC Update

  • L. Budde provided the following HAABC updates:
    • Updated bylaws were being worked on for adoption by the membership at the next HAABC conference.
    • A new Contribution Agreement with SCH is being developed for July, and that website templates for individual HAs are now available.
    • The HAABC is investigating using a collection agency to assist in debt collection.

HAC Update

  • B. Mabberley provided the following HAC updates on the HAC:
    • The Directors & Officers and Accidental Death & Dismemberments (AD&D) insurances have been renewed.
    • Currently this coverage is for Board Members while on HA business only. Extending this coverage 24/7 for Board Members is being negotiated at this time. Once quotes have been received, HAC will make a decision on how to proceed.

Other 2011/12 PRHAAC Priorities

  • R. Richardson presented the results of the 2011 HAABC Conference Electronic Polling session to the Committee. Highlights discussed included the interest for increased communication between HA Directors and SCH and need to confirm future planning processes. Information will be used by SCH and HAABC to guide training.

Action Item #8: R. Richardson to develop plan on how the Electronic Polling Results from the 2011 Conference will be used and communicated.

  • K. Smith reviewed the Pacific Regional initiatives presented at the NHAAC meeting in April. PRHAAC members confirmed that they agreed with the priorities i.e. SCOFO follow-up (i.e. workplan), NHAAC follow-up (i.e. review of Act/Regs), derelict vessels / TC study, Integrated Planning Process review, SCH – HA Board Engagement and improved engagement with Fisheries Management and other parties (e.g. Industry Canada re: Canada Corporations Act).

Suggested Agenda Items for Next Meeting

  • Integrated Planning Process
  • Canada Corporations Act Changes
  • Divestiture Information Session

Meeting Adjourned