Annual DFO-Yukon First Nations bilateral meeting

In keeping with Fisheries and Oceans Canada's (DFO) continuing effort to regularly meet with Yukon First Nations with a view to exchanging information and discussing mutually important matters as they relate to the management of Yukon River salmon and their habitat, DFO convenes an annual Government to Government meeting at the end of May for all affected Yukon First Nations.

While this forum provides DFO with an opportunity to relay and discuss with Yukon First Nations important information and initiatives pertinent to the management and protection of salmon and salmon habitat, it likewise provides an opportunity for Yukon First Nations to discuss with DFO any matters of interest or importance to them.

DFO believes that regular Government to Government meetings are instrumental in providing for the effective management of the First Nation fishery while improving the overall management and enhancement of the resources in Yukon.


Date Meeting Location Meeting materials
150602June 2, 2015 (tentative) Annual DFO Bilateral Yukon First Nations DFO - Range Road Boardroom -
140501May 1, 2014 Annual DFO Bilateral Yukon First Nations DFO - Range Road Boardroom Agenda

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