Stikine River Salmon Management Advisory Committee

The Stikine River is approximately 610 kilometers in length and flows from its headwaters in nortwestern British Columbia through to southeastern Alaska. As such, it is considered to be a Transboundary River in accordance with the Pacific Salmon Treaty (1985).

The Stikine River Salmon Management Advisory Committee (the Committee) was established in 1995 to provide direction to Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) Canada on the management goals of salmon stock conservation and sustainable resource use on the Stikine River. It is chaired by the DFO Yukon/Transboundary Rivers Area Director.

The Committee is intended to provide, among other things, a forum through which Stikine River salmon managers and harvesters – subsistence, commercial and recreational – can regularly meet and exchange information with respect to pre-season forecasts and post-season analysis. Membership is established by DFO through consultation with stakeholder groups which choose their representatives internally.

The Committee meets twice annually, in Dease Lake, BC, and in Whitehorse, YT, to develop recommendations pertaining to management plans, to conduct post-season reviews and to address issues such as licensing, allocations and licence conditions. Participation of Pacific Salmon Treaty Transboundary Panel members in Committee meetings helps to ensure continuity and co-ordination in domestic and international discussions and decisions.

Records of meetings and decisions are maintained by the Committee chair. Meeting agendas and minutes may be posted on an on-going basis.


Date Meeting Location
Fall, 2013 Post-Season Meeting Webinar Session
April 26, 2013 Pre-Season Meeting Dease Lake, Yukon
November, 2012 Post-Season Meeting Whitehorse, Yukon
February 1, 2012 Pre-Season Meeting Dease Lake, British Columbia
November 30, 2011 Post-Season Meeting Whitehorse, Yukon
February 2, 2011 Pre-Season Meeting Dease Lake, BC

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