Transboundary Technical Committee

The Transboundary Technical Committee (TTC), which has existed since the 1980s, was established as an international committee responsible for providing the best science, fishery management and technical expertise possible to support the Transboundary Panel (the Panel). It is comprised of technical representatives from Canada and the United States (US) and is charged with various tasks related primarily to transboundary river (Alsek, Taku and Stikine Rivers) salmon stock assessment and management, including:

  • assembling and refining available information on migratory patterns, extent of exploitation and spawning escapement requirements of the stocks;
  • examining past and current management regimes and recommending how they may be better suited to achieving escapement goals;
  • identifying existing and, or, future enhancement projects that:
    • assist with the devising of harvest management strategies to increase benefits to fishermen with a view to permitting additional salmon to return to Canadian waters;
    • have an impact on natural transboundary river salmon production.

While the primary purpose of the TTC is to provide technical support to the Panel, additional technical expertise may be requested and, or, provided through invitation by the TTC. The TTC usually meets three times annually and prepares two annual reports: pre-season salmon management and enhancement plans for the upcoming season and a post-season report containing preliminary estimates of salmon production, harvest and escapement and a review of joint enhancement activities. These reports are available through the Pacific Salmon Commission website and, or, through the TTC Co-Chairs.


Date Meeting Location
February 24-25, 2016   Juneau, Alaska
TBD (week of November 16-20, 2015) Post-Season Meeting Whitehorse, Yukon
TBD (Spring 2015) Management Meeting Whitehorse, Yukon
March 10, 2015 Management Meeting Webinar
November 19-20, 2014 Post Season Juneau, Alaska
November 19-21, 2013 Pacific Salmon Treaty Seattle, Washington
April, 2012 Management Meeting Whitehorse, Yukon
February/ March, 2012 Pre-Season Meeting Juneau, Alaska
November 15 - 16, 2011 Post-Season Meeting Juneau, Alaska

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