Yukon River Panel

The Yukon River Salmon Agreement (the Agreement) establishing the Yukon River Panel (YRP) and its Joint Technical Committee (JTC) was recognized by both the US and Canada as an executive agreement on December 4, 2002 and now forms Chapter 8 of the Pacific Salmon Treaty (1985). The Agreement helps to ensure that adequate numbers of salmon are allowed to pass from the US into Canada and spawn in their natal streams.

The Agreement assigns many functions and responsibilities of the Pacific Salmon Commission (the body formed by the US and Canada to implement the Pacific Salmon Treaty) directly to the YRP. Further, in the event the Pacific Salmon Treaty is ever terminated, the Agreement can stand on its own under the name Yukon River Salmon Treaty with the functions of the YRP to be assumed by a new commission referred to as the Yukon River Salmon Commission.

To enable the conservation and coordinated management of Yukon River salmon stocks of Canadian origin, the 12 member YRP meets twice a year to make recommendations to the responsible management entities on both sides of the Alaska-Yukon border. Unlike other regional panels and management committees established under the Pacific Salmon Treaty, the YRP follows its own internal by-laws and procedures, which are independent from the Pacific Salmon Commission.

The YRP’s main responsibilities, pertaining to Yukon River salmon stocks of Canadian-origin, are to:

  • Develop and implement agreed research and management programs;
  • Make annual recommendations to the respective responsible management agencies of both countries concerning conservation and management coordination;
  • Set and adjust annual salmon spawning escapement objectives, if necessary, based on pre-season projections, stock status and recommendations from the JTC; and
  • Oversee the use and administration of the Restoration and Enhancement Fund.


Date Meeting Location Meeting Materials
February 22-24, 2016 Yukon River Joint Technical Committee, Pre-Season Meeting Video Conference
December 13-17, 2015 YRP Post-season Whitehorse, Yukon Agenda
April 12-16, 2015 YRP Pre-Season Meeting Whitehorse, Yukon Agenda
December 7-11, 2014 YRP Post-season Anchorage, Alaska Agenda
March 23-27, 2014 Canada - US, Pacific Salmon Treaty (PST), Yukon River Chapter, Annual Meeting Anchorage, Alaska Agenda
December 1-5, 2013 YRP Post-season Whitehorse, Yukon Agenda
March 24-28, 2013 Yukon River Panel and R&E Fund Committee Meetings Whitehorse, Yukon Agenda
December 3-7, 2012 YRP Post-Season Anchorage, Alaska Agenda
March 19-22, 2012 YRP Pre-Season Meeting Whitehorse, Yukon Agenda
December 5-8, 2011 YRP Post-Season Meeting Anchorage, Alaska Agenda
March 21-24, 2011 YRP Pre-season Whitehorse, Yukon Agenda

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