Groundfish dual fishing designation certificate

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Certificate is Valid from (DD/MM/YYYY) to (DD/MM/YYYY)

Aboriginal Organization:

Communal Licence Number:

Designation Certificate Number:

This Designation Certificate authorizes the following vessel and vessel master to catch and retain groundfish for food, social and ceremonial purposes on behalf of the aboriginal organization that issued this certificate up to the amounts and in the areas defined in this certificate. The designation certificate must be properly completed and issued before participating in a dual fishing groundfish trip.

Vessel Master (please print full name):

Vessel Name:

Gear Type:

The table below sets out the amount, in pounds, of groundfish by species and area that the vessel may land under the authority of this dual fishing designation certificate.

Groundfish Species Authorized Fishing Area (PFMA) Quantity (pounds)

Vessel Master Signature:


Aboriginal Organization Authorizing Signature: