Request for reallocation of temporary groundfish trawl quota

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Only the registered owner of the vessel currently holding the Category "T" Groundfish Trawl licence from which quota is being reallocated "from" may complete and submit this form. All owners of record must sign this form. If any of the vessel owners are a company, the Department must have on record a copy of the company's last annual reports and a letter advising who the signing authorities for the company are.

Both vessels must have a current "T" licence issued with all fees paid prior to reallocation of any quota.

A "Request for Reallocation of Temporary Groundfish Trawl Quota" must be completed for each vessel that is reallocating IVQ off.

Each vessel must submit a "Request for category "T" licence agreement"

The amount requested for reallocation must be specified in either pounds . The minimum amount of species and area specific quota that can be allocated is one pound.

Reallocations cannot be processed while the "from" vessel is fishing or offloading.

Only uncaught quota may be reallocated.

The request cannot be submitted more than two weeks prior to date requested to be processed.

Where the Department has received for processing, two or more conflicting requests for reallocation, all of the requests for reallocation will be denied.

Part A: Identifying vessels

Identify the two vessels that are involved in reallocation by their Groundfish Trawl "T" licence number, vessel registration number (VRN) and vessel name.

Part B: Identify uncaught quota to be reallocated

Specify the Quota (%) to be reallocated in the column to the right of the appropriate species and area descriptions provided. If no quota is to be reallocated for a species and area, leave the Quota (%) columns blank.

Part C: Signature and acknowledgement

Please enter the Vessel Owner Name in the space provided. In the case of a company, enter the company name and the name of the authorized signatory for the company who is signing the form.

Submitting the reallocation request

Identify the two vessels that are involved in reallocation by their Groundfish Trawl "T" licence number, vessel registration number (VRN) and vessel name.

  1. Make a copy of this spreadsheet and save the copy using a unique name that makes sense to you
  2. Complete the reallocation form information as described above
  3. Print a copy of the completed Reallocation Request Form and have all registered owners sign the paper form
  4. Fax the signed copy of the Reallocation Request Form to the fax service (1-866-561-5279)
  5. Email the completed copy of the of the spreadsheet to Fisheries and Oceans
    • Press the 'Save and Email' button at the top right of the spreadsheet 'Reallocation Request Form'
    • You will be prompted that certain features will not be saved and asked to continue - SELECT YES
    • Select Yes to replace files
    • You will be asked if you use Outlook Express, Outlook or some other email client - select the option appropriate for you
    • If you do not use Outlook or Outlook Express then email the XML file to - the XML file will be in the same folder as your spreadsheet file and have the same file name