Trawl catch reallocation form

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Date of Catch Reallocation Request:

Tab #:

Fax #:

Date of Offload:

Vessel Name:

VRN #:

Email Address:

Validation Record #:

Species Original SMAFootnote 1 Allocation Total Catch/Overage Weight (lbs) Reallocation to SMAFootnote 1 Reallocation Weight (lbs)
Canary OverageFootnote 2
Yellowtail 3C Rest of Coast
Pacific Hake Coastwide Joint Venture
RedstripeFootnote 3 3C 3D5AB
Silvergrey 5AB overage only 5CD
Pacific CodFootnote 4 5AB overage only 5CDE

Licence holder (owner) authorization

I hereby certify that I am the owner of the groundfish trawl licensed vessel, or authorized signatory for the owner of the groundfish trawl licensed vessel named above. By signing this form, I request DFO reallocate the amount of overage/catch for the species by area for the groundfish trawl licensed vessel as indicated above.

I also request following completion of requested catch reallocation that an up to date Licence Status Report be sent to the fax number/email address indicated above.

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