2017 Communal salmon area H troll designation

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Download the PDF version of this 2017 Communal salmon area H troll designation.

The designation below shall be completed when a communal salmon troll licence eligibility holder wishes to designate an agent on his/her behalf who will be responsible for requesting quota reallocations, including boat day reallocations, and/or licence amendments throughout the year. The designation need not be completed if only the licence eligibility holder will be requesting quota reallocations, amendments or reports. Should the designated agent change at any time, a new form must be completed. Additional forms are also available from the Campbell River office.

2017 licence condition amendments shall only be issued to the vessel owner or to a designated agent.


I, __________, eligibility holder for communal commercial salmon area licence FAT __________ Area H with the designated M/V __________ VRN __________ hereby designate the following person(s) to request quota reallocations, amendments and/or licence reports to the licence during 2017.

Please check in the box(es) below if you authorize the release of your licence reports to the above named person(s):

Licence Status

Reallocation History Detail

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