Request for temporary reallocation of chum holdings

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When completed email to Rachel Saraga at:

Part A: Identify vessels

From To
Licence no.:
VRN No.:
Vessel Name:
Please sign in Part C
By signing this form, (Part C) the licence eligibility holder/authorized signatory of the Area H AT or FAT in the “FROM” box of PART A hereby requests an amendment to the 2017 Area H AT or FAT Salmon licence conditions (for the vessel named above) to be sent to the email or fax number specified in Part D.
Licence no.:
VRN No.:
Vessel Name:
Contact No:
The licence amendment will only be sent to the noted contact vessel owner, licence eligibility holder (Category F Licence) or authorized signatory of record. Indicate in Part D where/who you want the licence amendment sent to.

Part B: Identify chum holdings (boat days) to be reallocated

Fishing Period 1 (September 28/17 to October 12/17): __________ day(s)

Fishing Period 2 (October 14/17 to October 30/17): _________ day(s)

Please provide a contact name and number for this request:

Contact Name:

Telephone No.:

Part C: Signature and acknowledgement

For temporary relocation of chum quota, only one of the following eligible parties is required to sign unless otherwise stated: vessel owner, licence eligibility holder or authorized signatory.

I confirm that I am either, the true owner or authorized signatory of the AT licenced vessel M/V _________ (Print Name of Vessel) OR, I am the true licence eligibility holder or authorized signatory of the FAT licence designated to the M/V __________ (Print Name of Vessel), and request that the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada reallocate the Chum holdings (boat days) as specified in Part B as per Part A. I also request that the amendment to the Conditions of Salmon Area H Licence be emailed or faxed to contact information specified in Part D.

I understand and acknowledge that the allocations and reallocations are at the absolute discretion of the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans.

Print Licence Eligibility Holder (Company/Band/Vessel Owner):

Signature of Authorized Signatory OR Vessel Owner:

Print Name:


Part D: How do you want to receive your amendment and confirmation

“FROM” (giving Licence): Email or Fax:

“TO” (receiving Licence): Email or Fax:

Request for "temporary" reallocation of chum holdings guidelines for area H AT and FAT licensed salmon vessels

This form must be completed if you wish to transfer all or a portion of your Johnstone Strait chum holdings (boat days) to another Area H vessel.


  1. BOTH vessels must have a valid Area H AT licence with 2017 Conditions of Licence and all fees paid prior to reallocation of any chum holdings (boat days). Where the Department has received for processing two or more conflicting requests for re-allocation, all of the requests for reallocation will be denied
  2. For temporary chum boat day reallocations, only one owner of record or authorized signatory of the licence eligibility holder is required to sign unless otherwise stated. If the vessel owner is a company, the Pacific Fishery Licence Unit must have on record a copy of either a confirmation of Signing Authorities or an Amendment to confirmation of Signing Authorities form advising who the signing authorities for the company are
  3. A valid licence amendment must be on record with the Department while the vessel is engaged in fishing

Reallocation guidelines

  1. Upon application, vessel owners will be permitted to make unlimited temporary reallocations of chum holdings (boat days)
  2. Temporary reallocations of chum holdings will be expressed as boat days and will be added to the receiving vessel’s number of boat days in two discreet fishing periods
  3. Chum holdings (boat days) may only be transferred between Area H vessels (not between different gear types)
  4. Chum holdings (boat days) are transferable within a fishing period but not between fishing periods
  5. Only unfished boat days may be reallocated. A day is considered fished when a start fishing report is filed. Transfer of partial days is not permitted
  6. Temporary reallocations will be for the current year only
  7. Each vessel will be assigned three boat days in Fishing Period 1 (Sept 28/2017 – Oct. 12/2017) and two boat days in Fishing Period 2 (Oct. 14/2017 – Oct. 30/2017). The maximum amount of boat days that can be held in Fishing Period 1 and 2 is 14 and 16 days respectively, as one day in each period will be closed during the seine fishery