Request for 2017 salmon licence amendment

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I/We, _________ (print name or company name if applicable) being the vessel owner(s), or an authorized representative, hereby request a licence amendment for the 2017 commercial Salmon licence allowing for the retention of sockeye salmon in all areas should the total allowable catch (TAC) allow for a competitive fishery for Fraser River sockeye. (If the vessel owner is a company or Aboriginal group, the Pacific Fishery Licence Unit must have on record a copy of either a Confirmation of Signing Authorities or an Amendment to Confirmation of Signing Authorities forms advising who the signing authorities are.)

Note: This form should be submitted to the Department by 12:00pm (noon) on July 25, 2017 in order to facilitate issuance of licence conditions amendments in-season in a timely manner if required to:

Prior to the issue of a licence amendment, please ensure:


I hereby certify that I am the true owner, or authorized representative, of this vessel and I am the person named above, or in the case of a company that I am an authorized signing officer of the company

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