2017 Salmon transfer log instructions

Return your transfer log no later than December 31, 2017.

New for 2017: There are new commercial transport requirements for commercial vessels that transport salmon including: recording each transfer on a log sheet and phoning in transfer reports.

Please note - The transfer log shall be produced for examination on demand of a fishery officer, a fishery guardian an observer or a representative of the Department (this is a Condition of Licence).

1. Filling out the transfer log page

A transfer log page can be downloaded from the DFO website here.

These are not available from a service provider. It is up to commercial vessel licence holders to have adequate supplies of Transfer Log pages aboard the vessel.

The transfer of any fish from one vessel to the receiving vessel (packer) must be recorded and the log must be completed before fish are received from any other vessel. The Transfer Log must be completed in ink.

Each transfer must be given a unique Transfer Number assigned by the packer skipper and they must all be sequential for the entire 2017 salmon fishing season. All fields must be completed for each record. More than one page may be required to be filled out.

2. Phone-in reporting guidelines

There is no call centre for this reporting requirement. Calls must be made to the Resource Manager responsible for the Fishery Opening from which the catch is being received. The contact number for the Resource Manager is provided in the Fishery Notice for each opening. Below are contact numbers for some of the Resource Managers but please refer to the contact provided on the Fishery Notice for the most up to date information:

West Coast Vancouver Island Mike Spence (250) 720-4448
Strait of Georgia Bryan Rusch
Terry Palfrey
(250) 756-7294
(250) 756-7158
Johnstone Strait Greg Hornby
Matt Mortimer
(250) 286-5886
(250) 286-5814
Fraser River Barbara Mueller (604) 666-2370
North Coast Corey Martens (250) 627-3404
Central Coast Jeffery Radford (250) 799-5127
Haida Gwaii Peter Katinic (250) 599-8330

Prior to a Fishery: Phone the appropriate Resource Manager and provide the following info:

  1. vessel name
  2. vessel VRN
  3. vessel master’s name
  4. vessel master’s contact information (cellphone, satphone or radio contact)
  5. expected location for receiving fish
  6. expected time of arrival and
  7. processor or buyer receiving fish from transport vessel

After a Fishery: Phone the appropriate Resource Manager and provide the following info:

  1. vessel name
  2. vessel VRN
  3. location where fish were received
  4. approximate amount of fish received
  5. location where fish will be offloaded
  6. estimated time of offload and
  7. total number of transfers received

Voicemail messages will be accepted. There will be no confirmation number provided.

3. Mail-in instructions (at the end of the fishing season)

At the end of the season but before December 31, 2017 mail all the original Transfer Log pages to:

You may wish to make copies for your own records.

Note: The Provincial requirement to complete Sales Slips is now a Federal requirement described in the 2017 Transport licence conditions.

For complete information on catch reporting requirements, consult your Licence Conditions for the 2017 season. In cases where the information presented here disagrees with that presented in the Conditions of Licence, the Conditions of Licence shall take precedence.