Application for transporting licence category D

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To fill out a copy of this form, please download the or PDF version, and follow the instructions on the form for submission.

Note: New requirements for all commercial vessels transporting salmon for the 2017/2018 fishing season. The new conditions for the salmon fisheries include a requirement to submit fish slips for all fish transferred to any commercial vessel transporting salmon; the requirement to maintain a salmon transfer log on board the vessel receiving fish; and a phone-in hail requirement to the DFO Fishery Manager. A copy of the salmon transfer log template is available on DFO website at:

Issuance of a commercial transporting licence is subject to annual review. Information on this form will be verified.

1. Vessel information: Identify the vessel to be used for transporting

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Fee: $30.00


Vessel Verified


Vessel Name:


2. Vessel owner information

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Address Verified

Last Name:

First Name:

Middle Name:

Mailing Address:


Province, Postal Code:

Date Of Birth:




3. Report of expected commercial transport operation

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Information Completed

Verify Expected Transport

Attach written confirmation from the company/individual that this vessel will transport for, including the company name, vessel name, contact person and telephone number.

How many days will this vessel be engaged in the transporting of fish?

What species of fish will be transported?

Will you be operating as a cash buyer?



4. Verification of transport operation for the previous year

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Information Completed

Verify Previous Transport (Fishslips)

YR. # / YR # / YR # :

All previous landing reports and contracts will be verified. If a vessel did not participate in transporting, the application may not be accepted.

How many days was this vessel engaged in the transporting of fish?

What species of fish was transported?

Did you operate as a cash buyer?



5. Fee payment and receipt of licence

a) Upon receipt of your application in our office, we will make the fee available to be paid in your National Online Licensing System (NOLS) account, and you will be notified by e-mail. When you pay the fee, we receive a payment notification via NOLS.

b) Upon receipt of the payment notification via NOLS, we will process the licence and you may print the licence and conditions oflicence, as well as the official receipt, from your NOLS account.

6. Signature

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Verify Signing Authority

I herby certify that I am the person named above or am an authorized signing officer on record with the Pacific Fishery Licence Unit for the above noted company.

Print name:



Industry is reminded that licences are only a privilege to fish issued at the Minister's discretion.

Licences are not an asset and do not convey any property rights to the licence holder

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Date receieved:

Amount due: $30.00

Paid by (FIN):

Received by:



Licence number:

Issued by:


Transporting licence application information

On September 1 2013, licensing service counters closed at the Pacific Fishery Licence Units. From that date, a web-based information system has replaced in-person payments of licensing fees at Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) offices. In general, harvesters will use the new National Online Licensing System (NOLS) to go online to pay for and print their commercial fishing licences and licence conditions. Please complete this application and forward to our office via e-mail or NOLS ‘submit request’. Once verified and processed, the applicable $30 fee will be made available in your NOLS account, you will be sent a notification by e-mail, and the fee may be paid online in NOLS (‘pay fees’). We receive your payment notification, and then process the licence. You are sent a notification via e-mail, and the licence and conditions of licence and official receipt may be printed from your NOLS account (‘print documents’).

Licence category

Under Section 24 of the Pacific Fishery Regulations, transporting fish harvested during commercial fishing is not permitted unless the vessel is registered and licensed to be used in commercial fishing or a transporting, category D licence has been issued in respect of the vessel.

Licence fees

The licence fee is $30.00. Payment is now available via the National Online Licensing System.

Licence application and issuance

An application for Transporting licence, Category D, must be completed and submitted to a Pacific Fishery Licence Unit (PFLU). The vessel owner or any authorized representative may sign the application.

Upon submission of a complete application package, care is taken to review it and ensure only legitimately active commercial transport vessels are issued licences. Applications may take up to 10 working days for processing.

Commercial vessel registration requirements

Vessels not previously registered as a commercial fishing vessel with PFLU must submit the following:

  1. A completed Application for Commercial Fishing Vessel Registration and the required $50.00 registration fee.
  2. A Marine survey, dated after May 1, 1989 that has been conducted by a Marine Surveyor in accordance with Fisheries andOceans Canada current Vessel Measurement guidelines, amended 2004. A copy of the guidelines is available from a PFLU.
  3. Copy of vessel ownership documents; i.e. For vessels registered under the Canada Shipping Act (CSA), a copy of the Certificateof Registry or Registered Bill of Sale OR for vessels licensed under the CSA, a copy of the Bill of Sale/DOT Licence.
  4. Copy of approved Fish Hold Inspection report. Contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency office in Burnaby: (604) 666-2506,Victoria: (250) 363-3455 or Prince Rupert: (250) 627-3033.

Licence documents

Pacific fishery licence unit: