2019 ATF designation

This form is for information purposes only. To fill out a copy of this form, please download the PDF version, and follow the instructions on the form for submission.

The designation below shall be completed when a salmon troll vessel owner wishes to designate an agent on his/her behalf who will be responsible for requesting licence amendments throughout the year. The designation need not be completed if only the vessel owner will be requesting amendments or reports. Should the designated agent change at any time, a new form shall be completed. Additional forms are available from the DFO offices in Prince Rupert and Queen Charlotte.

2019 licence condition amendments shall only be issued to the vessel owner or to a designated agent.

To: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Resource Management – Queen Charlotte, B.C.
Attn: Peter Katinic
Fax number: 250-559-4678

I, __________, owner of the M/V __________ VRN __________ eligible for commercial salmon area licence ATF __________ hereby designate the following person(s) to request amendments and/or licence reports to the licence during 2019.

Please check in the box(s) below if you authorize the release of your licence reports to the above named person(s):

Licence status

Reallocation history detail

Dated this __ day of __________ 2019

Name of Vessel Owner: __________(Please print name or company name)

Signature of Vessel Owner: __________