Rockfish Conservation Areas
Area 19 and 20 - Bentinck Island - Chart 3461 & Race Rocks - Chart 3461

Map - Bentinck Island

Bentinck Island - Chart 3461

Those waters of Eemdyk Passage in Subarea 20-5 that lie westerly of the meridian passing through 123°32.450' west longitude and northerly of a line:

from 48°18.692'N 123°33.486'W
to 48°18.640'N 123°32.916'W

Race Rocks - Chart 3461

Those waters of Subareas 19-3 and 20-5 that lie inside the 40 metre contour line surrounding Great Race Rock and Rosedale Rock as shown on Chart No. 3461, published by the Canadian Hydrographic Service of the Department.

RCA inset map Bentinck Island

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