Internet Recreational Effort and Catch (iREC) reporting program

The Internet Recreational Effort and Catch (iREC) reporting program is an ongoing program which collects information every month on fishing effort and catch. Randomly selected participants provide information about fishing activity including kept and released catch of over 80 species of finfish and shellfish, as well as effort information by date, area and fishing method. The program is being conducted for DFO by an independent consulting company that specializes in survey delivery.

Instructional video

For assistance with completing the reporting program, please view this instructional video (Transcript)

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Program description

Your catch counts

As a sport fishing licence holder for Pacific tidal waters, you belong to an accountable community that shares responsibility for BC’s sustainable recreational fishery. When you count and report your catch and effort you are helping to manage and protect the future health and vibrancy of the recreational fishery. Your fishing information, combined with the reports of thousands of other sport fishers, is helping DFO to meet mandatory, domestic and international requirements to monitor the recreational fishery.

Participation is mandatory

As of April 2013, a condition of licence on Tidal Waters Sport Fishing licences requires that licence holders provide information on their recreational fishing activity and catch to DFO representatives when requested (see section 61 of the Fisheries Act). Thus, responding to the reporting program is a condition of your fishing licence.

Selecting iREC program participants

Participants for each monthly reporting program are randomly selected from Pacific tidal waters sport fishing licence holders and include holders of annual and term licences, and resident and non-resident licences. Juvenile fishers (under the age of 16) are not included. Almost all annual and term licences will be selected to complete an iREC report on their fishing activities during one month of the year, although for annual licences, the month for which reporting is required will be randomly selected. Also, licence holders selected to the iREC reporting program will not be selected for the iARC reporting program, and vice versa.

Notification about your required participation

If you are selected for an iREC reporting program, selection and access information will be provided in two ways:

Completing your report

For the days of your reporting period, you will be asked to report which days, areas and methods you fished, as well as all of your kept and released catches. You can record information periodically (preferred if several fishing trips occur in the reporting period), or complete the report on a single visit to the website after the reporting period ends. If you don’t fish during the reporting period you must indicate this on the report as well.

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Contact us if you have further questions or comments: DFO's Sport Fishing Report Team.