Expression of interest for the halibut experimental recreational fishery – 2019 Season


The objective is to implement and evaluate an experimental program to test a new type of market-based transfer mechanism and monitoring measures. The department is progressing with regulatory changes required to continue this market-based transfer mechanism for the long term.  It will provide an opportunity for those who wish to participate in the new program and obtain an experimental licence, and will enable the Department to:  

  1. better ensure the proper management and control of the halibut fishery,
  2. enhance Canada’s ability to stay within the total allowable catch through improved catch monitoring,
  3. enable Fisheries and Oceans Canada  to meet its conservation objectives.

The experimental fishery will commence April 1 and be available until December 31.


An expression of interest is being made available to solicit participation in this experimental program.  The expressions of interest are open to the following participants in the recreational fishery:

Holders of experimental licences under this program will have to adhere to specific conditions of licence.  Conditions will allow for the retention of halibut (no sale), the requirement of various records to be kept by the license holder or others fishing under the authority of the licence as well as monitoring requirements including log books.  The experimental licence will allow for quota from the commercial allocation to be transferred to the licence for the duration of the fishing season with approval from the Minister.  The Department will track and process all quota transfers using the groundfish quota management system.

Expression of interest for the halibut experimental recreational fishery – 2019 Season

For recreational halibut fisheries in Canadian waters in the Pacific Ocean.

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