Glass Sponge Reef Fishing Closures - Pacific Region
Outer Gulf Islands Closure

Those portions of Subareas 18-1 and 29-4 that lie inside the following lines:

Outer Gulf Islands 1

begins at 48°54.936'N 123°19.589'W
then southerly to 48°54.283'N 123°18.529'W
then to 48°54.114'N 123°18.619'W
then to 48°54.065'N 123°18.771'W
then to 48°54.787'N 123°19.929'W
then to 48°54.902'N 123°19.793'W

then to the beginning point.

Outer Gulf Islands 2

begins at 48°52.588'N 123°15.261'W
then easterly to 48°52.520'N 123°14.537'W
then to 48°51.971'N 123°13.768'W
then to 48°51.795'N 123°13.947'W
then to 48°52.150'N 123°14.444'W
then to 48°52.038'N 123°14.678'W
then to 48°52.479'N 123°15.521'W

then to the beginning point.

Outer Gulf Islands 3

begins at 48°51.602'N 123°13.233'W
then southerly to 48°51.309'N 123°12.751'W
then to 48°50.913'N 123°12.938'W
then to 48°50.844'N 123°13.059'W
then to 48°51.163'N 123°13.662'W
then to 48°51.579'N 123°13.378'W

then to the beginning point.

Outer Gulf Islands 4

begins at 48°50.999'N 123°12.391'W
then southerly to 48°50.608'N 123°11.603'W
then to 48°50.097'N 123°10.956'W
then to 48°49.959'N 123°11.182'W
then to 48°50.857'N 123°12.654'W
then to 48°50.959'N 123°12.566'W

then to the beginning point.

Map - Outer Gulf Islands Sponge Reef Fishing Closure