Glass Sponge Reef Fishing Closures - Pacific Region
East of Hornby Island Closure

That portion of Subarea 14-6 that lies inside a line:

begins at 49°33.490'N 124°29.230'W
then southerly to 49°32.701'N 124°28.760'W
then to 49°31.657'N 124°29.434'W
then to 49°31.663'N 124°29.896'W
then to 49°32.651'N 124°29.752'W
then to 49°33.340'N 124°29.935'W
then to 49°33.498'N 124°29.773'W

then to the beginning point.

Map - East of Hornby Island Sponge Reef Fishing Closure