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Moorings Data Inventory

Use this form to search the IOS/Ocean Sciences Data Inventory for data from moored instrumentation your study area. This application will search our on-line INVENTORY of moored instrument data and return information about the data records that meet the search criteria but WILL NOT return the actual data. At the present time, the moored instrument data is not available on-line to external users.
To access current meter data, please go to the Current Meter Data Inventory page.
To access the daily values of sea surface temperature and salinity  observed at the current and old lighthouses around the coast of British Columbia, please go to the BC Lighthouse Data page.

Internal users may use this application to generate list of profiles that are accessible by the DFO local and wide area networks to authorized users.
External users
are welcome to search the inventory. If you find data that are of interest , have questions about the data or encounter problems with the application please contact the Senior analyst at IOS.

STEP 1: SELECT the AREA of Interest:
Option 1a - Enter the Coordinates of your Search Area below
(input format is DDD MM.M H (e.g. 123 37.5 W)

Users may alter any part of the default values. The latitude and longitude range you select will be preserved for your session. If you return here to revise your search, REFRESH this page (using your web browser) to see you most recent selection criteria.
North Latitude
Longitude Longitude
West East 

South Latitude

Option 1b - Select from our list of NAMED AREAS:
Select NAMED GEOGRAPHIC AREAS code from the box: ==>

STEP 2: Select the DATE RANGE for which you would like data:
from: (yyyy/mm/dd) to

STEP 3: Select PARAMETERS which must included in each profile: the default is all parameters.







air pressure



STEP 4: Select Specific DATA CATEGORIES: Select any data categories that must be included - if no categories are selected, ALL categories are returned.

Thermistor Chains

Tide Gauges

Met. stations

STEP 5: Select the preferred RESULTS format:
Summary Table - Comma-separated value (CSV) summary containing: Cruise, Station name, Project, Scientist, Time/Date, Latitude, Longitude, Filename etc.
Select the output, then CUT and PASTE this into a text file.  The resulting text file can then be imported into EXCEL (or application of your choice), skipping over the "header" lines.
List of File Names (with path) for all files that meet your search criteria. Select the output, then  CUT and PASTE this into a text file. The resulting file can be used as input to IOSSHELL programs. Internal IOS Users should enter the appropriate drive letter designator for the DATA_LIB (don't worry if you didn't understand that last part!)
Enter the drive letter designator for the DATA_LIBRARY:   

STEP 6: [Optional] - Enter a short description of your search.

STEP 7: No more questions-just press SUBMIT to GO!
Note: all results are returned in order of DATE/TIME of data collection, from oldest to most recent.
For further information about the RESULTS...

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