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Archived - Phylum Mollusca

Zooplankton - Phylum Mollusca
Teuthoidea Octopoda Cephalopoda Gastropoda Mollusca
Zooplankton - Phylum Mollusca - Gastropoda
Gastrotrich Echinospira Gastropteron pacificum
gastrotrich larvae.jpg (134623 bytes) larvae echinospira 2.JPG (120182 bytes) larvae echinospira 003.jpg (546441 bytes) larvae gaspteron 001.jpg (476571 bytes)
Description: north east Pacific, rare, mesopelagic, up to 20mm in length.
Zooplankton - Phylum Mollusca - Gastropoda - Heteropod
Shell surrounds visceral mass and gills, radula on probosis, visual predator, feed on a variety of zooplanktonic prey
Heteropod Carinaria japonica Atlanta californiensis
larvae vel 147.jpg (1064703 bytes) caaja 2.jpg (728577 bytes) atlca.jpg (140922 bytes)
Description: tropical to subtropical, open ocean. Shell surrounds visceral mass and gills, up to 30mm, rare visitor. Description: restricted geographically to Transition Zone, able to withdraw into shell , 2-3.5mm, warm water visitor.
Zooplankton - Phylum Mollusca - Gastropoda - Gynnosomata
No shell, carnivores, feed mainly on thecosomates
Clione limacina Cliopsis Pneumoderma atlanticum forma pacifica
clione limacina.jpg (658549 bytes) cliopsis 001.jpg (1409748 bytes) pneatpa 002.jpg (905441 bytes)
Description: temperate and cold waters of all oceans, feeds on Limacina only, up to 20mm, 3-8mm, average. Description: circumglobal, tropical, subtropical, oceanic, feeds on Corolla, up to 40mm. Description: circumglobal, tropical, subtropical oceanic, rare.
Zooplankton - Phylum Mollusca - Gastropoda - pseudothecosomate
Gelatin conch instead of a shell covers visceral mass
desmopterus 001.jpg (575327 bytes)
Description: eastern Pacific, western Atlantic, tropical and subtropical oceanic waters, 3 to 6mm.
Zooplankton - Phylum Mollusca - Gastropoda - Thecosomates
Herbivores, feed by producing a mucous web, coiled shells are sinstra 
Clio recurva Clio pyramidae
clo recurva 002.jpg (490310 bytes) clopy 082.jpg (178501 bytes)
Description: circumglobal, temperate to tropical wing-like protrusions at aperture, up to 5mm. Description: circumglobal, temperate to tropical shell not coiled, several forms, up to 15mm.
Limacina helicina  (near shore) Limacina helicina pacifica (offshore) Limacina inflata
limhe.JPG (133722 bytes) limhp.jpg (80875 bytes) limin 058 (2).jpg (898638 bytes)
Description: common in arctic and high latitude temperate waters, two forms, near shore flatter, up to 8mm, commonly 1-2mm. Description: common in arctic and high latitude temperate waters, two forms, near shore flatter, up to 8mm, commonly 1-2mm. Description: circumglobal, temperate to tropical, around 1mm.
Zooplankton - Phylum Mollusca - Cephalopoda
Foot extended as wings
Cephalopoda Cranchiidae Loligo
cephalopod egg.jpg (356241 bytes) egg Cranchiidaelarvae.JPG (218653 bytes) larvae loligo002.jpg (775095 bytes)
Zooplankton - Phylum Mollusca - Cephalopoda - Teuthoidea
chiroteuthis larvae.jpg (608386 bytes) larvae chiroteuthis juv tentacles.jpg (199316 bytes) Juvenile tentacles chiroteuthis 002.jpg (475221 bytes)
Zooplankton - Phylum Mollusca - Cephalopoda - Octopoda
Octopoda life stages
octopod-larvae.gif (150202 bytes) larvae octopod-larvae-dorsal.gif (188034 bytes) larvae octopod-larvae-ventral.gif (206867 bytes) larvae-ventral