Time-Series Maps of Herring Spawn and Catch

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Annual herring spawn distributions can be viewed chronologically from 1930 to 2001 on 101 section maps of British Columbia (BC). Red and blue dots (diver and surface surveys) approximate herring spawning locations at one kilometre resolution. Some digital maps may take a few seconds to appear.

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Hornby Island herring spawn

Time-series, polygons of prominent BC spawning areas.

British Columbia Overview Maps

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Entire British Columbia Coast
Northern BC Coast
Southern BC Coast

See Map Descriptions for further details. Spawn surveys began in 1928 but are considered incomplete prior to 1937 in northern BC (e.g., HG, PRD and CC regions). In recent years, surveys were not conducted in less prominent areas (e.g., JSTR region in 1998 and 2006+). See spawn metadata for details.