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Point and click any REGION on the British Columbia (BC) map and then click a herring section. The Location Finder is useful, if you are looking for a specific location or visit cumulative spawn, overview maps of British Columbia. Seek assistance here for time-series maps (videos) or digitized, composite maps.

Herring photo

Maps and graphs of geographically aggregated, field data are displayed on separate web pages. A collection of spawn and catch tables are assembled by corresponding spatial units (e.g., by 6 regions, 30 statistical areas and 101 herring sections) and summarized by calendar year (1888 to 2016).

Most maps and graphs were designed to display at 800 x 600 or higher screen resolution. Some images may not fit on a sheet of paper in the default Portrait mode. Use Print Preview and Page Setup to specify page number and Landscape orientation. Refresh to display images quickly.

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