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Publication: Spawning Areas of BC (Hay et al.)
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Maps and graphs that summarize herring spawning distributions, updated annually
(Source: DFO herring spawn database 1928+).

Cumulative Spawn Maps

Cumulative spawn maps (bubble plot maps)
Maps of herring spawn summed from 1928 to the current year, updated annually
(Source: DFO herring spawn database).

Time-Series Maps

Time-Series Maps (moving, bubble plot maps)
BC overview maps that summarize herring catch distributions in relation to herring spawning areas, updated annually (Source: DFO catch and spawn databases 1888+).

Composite Spawn Maps

Composite Spawn Maps (overlaid polygons)
Arcview digitized maps of several thousand herring spawning beds surveyed from 1930 to 2002.  Overlaid polygons of spawning beds in separately digitized shape files for each year (Source: DFO herring archives).

Statistical Tables

Statistical Tables (year-by-year trends)
Statistical tables of herring spawn data (1940+) and catch data (1888+) pooled at four geographical scales and cross-referenced with weighted mean, same day, surface seawater temperatures (SST) from nearest lighthouse stations (Source: DFO herring Access databases and DFO oceanographic data).

Stock Assessments

Stock Assessments (catch and spawner trends)
Line graphs showing trends in the abundance of herring spawners (t) and catches (t) over a 70-year time series at four geographical scales (entire BC coast, six regions, 29 statistical areas and 101 herring sections).

Tag Recovery Maps

Where did tagged herring go?
Maps that show herring tag release and recovery sites with straight line connectors.

Tag Origin Maps

Where did tagged herring come from?
Maps that show all herring tag release locations (from 1936 to 1991) for each chosen recovery region, recovery statistical area or recovery location.

Age-Compositions & Spawning Timing Plots

Age-Compositions & Spawning Timing Plots
Age-compositions graphs in video format of five stock assessment regions (1972+). Seasonal, spawn timing plots for each region and 101 herring sections over a 64 year period (Source: DFO herring bio-sampling and spawn databases).

Ichthyoplankton Surveys

Ichthyoplankton Surveys (larval fish, dispersal maps)
Larval rearing areas of Pacific herring and other pelagic fish larvae (Source: DFO icthyoplankton database 1985+).

Offshore Eulachon Indicators

The Pacific Decadal Oscillation and juvenile growth and abundance.


Several on-line publications explaining methods, analyses and results (CSA research documents, DFO technical and manuscript reports).
  • CSA = Centre for Science Advice - Pacific Region
  • DFO = Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Staff List

Staff List