Deadman River Project

Project description


Project Name: Deadman River Project

Partner Group: The Skeetchestn First Nation

Contact Info:
Don Ignace, CEDP Project Manager
Fax: 250-373-2494

The Deadman project is located on the Deadman River, a tributary of the Thompson River, 5 miles west of Savona, BC. The facility is on Skeetchestn First Nation land and is operated by the Skeetchestn Band. The project was initiated in 1985 as a counting fence with a pilot hatchery to assess the natural life history of central interior Chinook and Coho stocks and to assist in development of assessment strategies.

The hatchery building is used as a storage facility and for construction needs for the Skeetchestn Fisheries Program. Currently, the project involves an adult coho counting fence for broodstock collection. Coho are no longer marked but can be represented by Spius Creek stock as production has been carried out at the Spius Creek hatchery since 1999.

Local school groups still release fish from the site and view Coho smolts on-site from March-May.

Current project objectives:

  • Enhancing and assessment of habitat on the Deadman River;
  • Watershed planning for the Deadman watershed;
  • Assessment and enumeration of coho adults through fish fence and Electronic counter on Deadman River; and
  • Broodstock collection for Deadman River coho stocks, local school programs and Spius River hatchery.