Nanaimo River Hatchery

Project Description


Project Name: Nanaimo River Hatchery

Partner Group: Nanaimo River Stewardship Society

Contact Info:
Brian Banks, CEDP Co-Manager
Henry Bob, CEDP Co-Manager
Fax: 250-245-7786

The Nanaimo River project, located on the Nanaimo River south of Nanaimo, was initiated in 1978 to maximize benefits to the local fishers and restore Nanaimo River chum, coho, and Chinook stocks. The project has recently reintroduced pinks back to the river. These stocks are produced using Atkins boxes, bulk boxes, siphon incubators and Heath trays for incubation and capilano troughs, circular tubs, concrete raceways, earth channel, lake and sea pens for rearing and adult holding. Otolith marked hatchery stocks provide much of the critical data for determining catch distribution, survival and exploitation rates. The staff do not limit themselves to fish production, and participate in many activities including education programs, adult transfers, fry salvaging, and stock assessment.

Current Project Objectives are to:

  • Conservation enhancement of Chinook, chum, coho, and pink;
  • Education;
  • Stock assessment;
  • Local employment;
  • Assisting with the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy; and
  • Stewardship