Powell River Project

Project Description


Project Name: Powell River Project

Partner Group: Powell River Salmon Society

Contact Info:
Shane Dobler, CEDP Manager
Website: http://www.prsalmon.org/

The Powell River project, located on Lang Creek near Powell River on the Sunshine Coast, was initiated in 1983 to rebuild Lang Creek summer coho and enhance other local streams for coho. Currently, the project consists of three net pens, and three main sights – the spawning channel is at Lang Creek Brood Facility, there two rearing facilities as well. Conventional hatchery methods are used to produce Chinook, chum, and coho.

The Introduction of Chinook and building of the spawning channel occurred in 1989 at the Duck Lake facility. The project began an extensive water monitoring program for the province for the Haslem Lake/Lang Creek Integrated Watershed Management Plan in 1996. In 1998, the project began rearing Chinook in Duck Lake net pens to address limited rearing, increase survival, and increase growth rates. A new hatchery was constructed at the MacMillan Bloedel Mill site, currently the Catalyst Mill site, in 2000.

Current Project Objectives are:

  • Stock assessment;
  • Fish production;
  • Community involvement;
  • Habitat enhancement and protection;
  • Public education; and
  • Resource conservation