Tla'amin CEDP Project

Project Description


Project Name: Tla'amin CEDP Project

Partner Group: Tla'amin First Nation

Contact Info:
Lee George, Manager

The Tla'amin Project, located on the Sliammon River north of the city of Powell River, was initiated between Fisheries and Oceans and the Tla'amin First Nation in 1977. The project uses conventional hatchery techniques such as Heath tray stacks, Atkins boxes, tubs, keeper channels, raceways, circular incubators, and enumeration fences to produce chum. The hatchery building houses incubation and egg take rooms and storage. Also on site is a spawning channel, aeration tower, water distribution system, and concrete raceway. In 2004, a viewquarium was installed with funding from multiple funding sources. The site also houses a community smokehouse.

Current Project Objectives are to:

  • Continue enhancement initiatives in the Sliammon Creek;
  • Continue enhancement initiatives of Theodosia Creek;
  • Conduct stock assessment for Sliammon River, Theodosia River and Okeover Creek Systems; and
  • Perform water flow monitoring and off channel and riparian habitat assessment within traditional territory.

The hatchery facility operates as an educational facility as well with visitors from all across the School District #47 during the fall. The Tla'amin hatchery has hosted Canada World Youth students on an annual basis.

The Tla'aminNation is currently in Stage 5 of the 6 Stage BCTC process. The Tla'amin people have lands at the mouth of the Sliammon, Theodosia and Okeover river systems and live on the oceanfront. The Tla'amin people seek to continue to have a meaningful role in management and stewardship of the resources for the benefit of the entire region.