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Aboriginal agreements

Aboriginal Aquatic Resource and Oceans Management agreements

DFO's Aboriginal Aquatic Resource and Oceans Management (AAROM) program contributes approximately $7 million to 20 AAROM groups in British Columbia annually. AAROM provides funds to eligible First Nations aggregates to assist with the establishment and enhancement of aquatic resource and oceans management bodies. Funds are used to facilitate program participants with acquiring administrative, scientific and technical capacity; information sharing; as well as sound decision making in advisory and other processes within DFO's areas of responsibility.

Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy agreements

In Pacific Region, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)ontributes annual funding of approximately $14 million through the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy (AFS) program. About 95 contribution agreements provide funding to approximately 165 First Nations.

The primary objective of AFS agreements is to reach agreement with Aboriginal groups on the management of fisheries, including the food, social and ceremonial (FSC) fishery and any economic opportunity fisheries. Funding is provided to support fisheries-related co-operative management activities and capacity development. Activities can include stock assessment, enhancement and habitat restoration, negotiation, consultation, education and public awareness.

Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk agreements

The Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk (AFSAR) program contributes funding for approved projects, which are directed at Aboriginal capacity building and habitat protection and recovery for species at risk. The key objective is to encourage meaningful involvement of Aboriginal people and communities in the implementation of the Species at Risk Act. The funds are co-managed by Environment Canada, DFO and Parks Canada Agency, with the cooperation of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. The deadline for submitting proposal applications occurs annually in the fall.

First Nations Fisheries Memorandum of Understanding

The First Nations Fisheries Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Government of Canada and the First Nations Leadership Council is a way to maintain and build positive relations between First Nations in British Columbia and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The agreement outlines a collaborative relationship to engage in joint dialogue on matters related to fisheries and aquatic resources.

Signatories to the MOU, which was signed on September 24, 2013, are:

Under the MOU, the Minister commits to meeting with the Leadership Council twice annually. The MOU also confirms the Department's ongoing commitment to continue to meet with the Leadership Council's technical body, the First Nations Fisheries Council, on a quarterly basis.

Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative agreements

The Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative (PICFI) contributes funding to eligible First Nations to build capacity, establish commercial fishing enterprises and acquire commercial fisheries access. Interested Aboriginal groups submitted expressions of interest by the August 31, 2009 deadline. The expressions of interest were evaluated to determine eligibility to participate in the program. The initiative will end on March 31, 2012.

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