Prawn Sectoral Committee terms of reference

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The Prawn Sectoral Committee provides a forum for the exchange of information and views between stakeholders and Fisheries and Oceans Canada on issues important to the management of the prawn and shrimp trap fisheries. The Sectoral Committee is an advisory body, not a voting body. The department remains the decision making authority on matters pertaining to conservation requirements.

The Sectoral Committee has the following goals:


Committee members will represent the following stakeholders:

Commercial licence holders advisors or organizations elected to represent "W" licence holders
Buyers/Processors 1 seat available for an FAS representative
1 seat available for a live/fresh product representative.
First Nations advisors from First Nations to represent aboriginal interests
Recreational 3 seats available for advisors to represent recreational fishing interests from the SFAB
Other representatives other advisors may be appointed or may attend individual meetings to represent other stakeholders (e.g. aquaculture, marine protected areas, coastal communities)
Provincial Government 1 seat available for an advisor from the provincial Ministry of Fisheries
Fisheries and Oceans Canada 1 seat for a representative from each of the coastal management areas
1 seat for a representative of Conservation and Protection
1 seat for the Regional Shellfish Coordinator
1 seat for a representative of Marine Ecosystems and Aquaculture Division
1 seat for Fisheries and Oceans Canada recreational fishing advisor
1 seat for a Fisheries and Oceans Canada AFS resource manager
1 seat for a Fisheries and Oceans Canada Oceans advisor and
1 seat for the Fisheries and Oceans Canada appointed chairperson.

In addition to the foregoing, the department personnel or other persons may attend and may be called upon to provide information to the committee from time to time.

Licence holder representatives will be selected by a vote conducted by the department of the licence holders of record. Where an organization is elected to the committee, the organization will provide the name of the representative(s) who will sit at the main table. Elected representatives or their sponsoring organizations will provide the name of alternates who may attend and sit at the main table in their absence.

The department may appoint additional advisors to ensure representation from all geographic areas and gear groups.

A seat is provided to the department Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy so that operational concerns regarding the management plan and its relevance to First Nations may be brought to the Committee's attention. Minutes of the meetings and draft management plans will be mad available to the AFS staff who may make the plan available to Tribal Council, Bands or other representative bodies. First Nations representatives are welcome to attend any and all meetings of the sectoral committee, to make presentations on matters in which they have an interest.

Three seats are provided to the SFAB who shall select their representatives to the Committee to represent recreational fishing interests regarding the management plan. Advisors will be elected or appointed for a two year term, or longer if mutually agreed upon by the department and the elected representatives. Licence holders may advise the department of a change in their representative at any time during the committee's term. However, this will not result in any change in seat allocations on committee. If an advisor is representing an organization and leave that organization in mid term, and if there is more than 6 months remaining in the committee's term, then the organization may designate a new advisor and the previous advisor will no longer sit at the main table. The Ministry of Fisheries will represent the Province of B.C. on the Committee.


Minutes of all meetings will be taken. They will be distributed to all advisors for correction, then made available to the public on request.
The Committee will strive for agreement on issues among all advisors. When unanimous agreement cannot be achieved, all consenting and dissenting opinions will be recorded in the minutes and the department will make the decision on the issue following consideration of the level of support provided.
The Department retains the right to take independent action on matters which in their view pertain to conservation of the resource.
All Sectoral Committee meetings can be attended by observers, subject to approval by the chairperson. These persons may observe but shall not participate in the discussions except at the prerogative of the chairperson. Those persons can ask main table representatives to bring forward points for discussion by the committee.
The Department will endeavour to refer fishers and other outside parties who offer unsolicited recommendations and advice, to the appropriate committee representatives. The chairperson can appoint subcommittees to undertake and report on specific tasks. Those subcommittees report to the chair. Membership and activities are determined by the chair.
Industry representatives may choose to establish caucus subcommittees. Those subcommittees are responsible to the industry caucus. They are in no way responsible to the PSC chair, nor are they considered to be sectoral committee subcommittees.
The PSC chair may provide opportunities for industry caucus subcommittees to report on their activities at PSC meetings, if that is in the likely interest of the committee at large.
There must be at least one meeting a year to consider the annual management plan. The chairperson can call other meetings as required. The chairperson will prepare an agenda and circulate it to all advisors before the meeting.

Code of Conduct

The Sectoral Committee will consider developing a code of conduct.
Repeated absence from meetings or convictions under the Fisheries Act will be adequate grounds for dismissal at the Chair's discretion, following consultation with the Committee.