Shellfish and invertebrates contacts

Regional personnel

Regional Fisheries Management Officer - Invertebrates All invertebrate species Sophie Roth 604-666-7089
Regional Invertebrates Manager All invertebrate species Lisa Mijacika 604-666-3869

North Coast area - Pacific Fisheries management areas 1 to 10

Section Head All invertebrate species and Herring in North Coast Area Steven Groves 250-627-3455
Resource Management Biologist Crab Dillon Buerk 250-627-3477
Resource Management Biologist Sea cucumber; red sea urchin; geoduck Pauline Ridings 250-756-7118
Resource Manager Bivalves, shrimp, prawn Coral Keehn 250-627-3021

South Coast area – Pacific Fisheries management areas 11 to 27

Program Coordinator All invertebrate species in South Coast Area Juanita Rogers 250-756-7268
Resource Management Biologist SARA, abalone, sea otter, shrimp and prawn by trap; euphausiids Laurie Convey 250-756-7233
Resource Management Biologist Crab and prawn data analysis / reporting Sylvia Humble 250-756-7297
Resource Management Biologist Geoduck & horse clam; green sea urchin; red sea urchin; sea cucumber Erin Wylie 250-756-7271
Resource Management Biologist Canadian Shellfish Sanitation Program Elysha Gordon 250-756-7192
Resource Management Biologist Shrimp trawl; bivalves, oysters Guy Parker 250-756-7163
Resource Management Biologist Shrimp trawl; contaminated fisheries bivalve harvest permits Dan Clark 250-756-7327
Resource Manager Shrimp and prawn by trap, crab, marine & estuarine scientific licences Mike Kattilakoski 250-756-7315
Resource Manager crab; prawn and shrimp by trap; intertidal clam; scallop by trawl exploratory fisheries David Fogtmann 250-339-3799

Fraser River area - Pacific Fisheries management areas 28 to 29

Resource Manager All invertebrate species in Fraser River Area Anna Magera 604-916-6743