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Area 3 - Sanitary contamination closures


Eating contaminated shellfish can make you very sick. It can even be life threatening. Cooking shellfish does not destroy all biotoxins.

The shellfish you harvest and eat should always come from an open area. When an area is officially “closed,” it is both illegal and unsafe to harvest shellfish from that area. It is your responsibility to know where you are planning to harvest and to find out if the species you wish to harvest is open in that area.

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Make sure you also check for biotoxin contamination closures in this area. These additional closures may be in effect when marine biotoxins are present in the water.

Permanently closed to bivalve shellfish harvest

Because of the risk of sanitary contamination, bivalve shellfish harvesting (for any purpose) is permanently closed within the following boundaries:

  1. 300 metres around industrial, municipal and sewage treatment plant outfall discharges
  2. 125 metres around a marina, ferry wharf, floating living accommodation, or any finfish net pen
If you are in an aquaculture tenure there are some exceptions to item 2
  • 25 meters around any floating living accommodation facility located within a shellfish aquaculture tenure where a zero-discharge and appropriate waste management plan is a condition of the Aquaculture Licence and is approved by the Regional Interdepartmental Committee
  • 0 meters of any finfish net pen within an aquaculture tenure where an Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture Management Plan approved by the Regional Interdepartmental Committee is in operation.
Subareas Closure dates Sanitary closure name Closure type
3-4 Closed Apr 1 to Mar 31 3.1 Port Simpson Annual Closure
3-12 Closed Apr 1 to Mar 31 3.5 Nisga'a Village of Gingolx, Kincolith Annual Closure
3-14 Closed Apr 1 to Mar 31 3.3 Granby Bay Annual Closure

Area Descriptions

Closure Map Area Description
3.1 Port Simpson 3.1.jpeg The waters and intertidal foreshore of Port Simpson lying within a 1200 metre radius of the mainland side of the causeway leading to Rose Island. [NAD83]
3.3 Granby Bay 3.3.jpeg The waters and intertidal foreshore of Granby Bay lying inside a line drawn from Granby Point at 55°24.92' north latitude and 129°47.73' west longitude to Johnson Point 55°25.51' north latitude and 129°47.35' west longitude. [NAD83]
3.5 Nisga'a Village of Gingolx, Kincolith 3.5.jpeg The waters and intertidal foreshore within a circular arc with a radius of 670 m, centered at the wastewater treatment plant outfall at or near 54°59.73' north latitude and 129°57.86' west longitude, which intersects the shoreline at 54°59.85' north latitude and 129°58.45' west longitude and again at 54°59.55' north latitude and 129°57.32' west longitude. [NAD83]

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